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Penados Gourmet Coffee

We provide Gourmet Coffee infused with superfoods. What separates our Gourmet Coffee from the regular coffee is what it does to your body. Penados Coffee will it bring your body back and/or maintain it's normal state, also know as homeostasis. The superfoods contains in each of our Gourmet Coffee will not only BOOST your immune system but it will also STRENGTHEN your immune system which will allow your body to fight off anything that will otherwise affect your body in a negative way. 

Megan Ovili - UFC Reporter


"This coffee was delicious -- the "healthy" part was just an added bonus! I still got the boost that I need in the morning, but I didn't crash in the afternoon like I usually do with highly caffeinated beverages. It's also easy to prepare, and dissolves so well that it tastes freshly brewed."

Diani Barut - VPX Energy Model

SO good, the flavor was really smooth and light and helped calm me when I was feeling a bit stressed out”

Sydney Paige - The Positivity Charge Ambassador

I'd heard about mushroom coffee...but never really tried it until I got Penados. Honestly, the best coffee I've had. Super easy to make, does not give me jitters, gives me additional health benefits, and taste delicious. Don't know if I could go back to regular coffee after having Penados Coffee.

Sofia Espo - Influencer, health enthusiast

Penados Gourmet Collection

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About Penados Gourmet Mushroom Coffee

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To those who look at the world differently and believe they make a difference in the world!

To the crazy ones who persue the path less traveled. This brand is for you! 

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